Get to Know the First & Little Team

🖤Get to Know the First & Little Boutique Team🖤

TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: Hi 👋 My name is Amanda and I live right here in Middletown with my husband Gary and my two handsome boys Lincoln and Dawson. I love being a boy mom! My background is in Early Childhood Education. Before I had my own children I actually taught at St. Andrews right here in Middletown, DE.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Everything happens for a reason” This quote has always helped lead me in the right direction. This quote lead me to make the difficult switch from a stay at home mom to my next step of starting my role as a Visual Merchandiser/Fashion Advisor at F&L. When preschool worked out for my youngest Dawson I took it as a sign to join the F&L team.
FAVORITE THING ABOUT WORKING AT F&L: I love working with the F&L team, styling the customers and the constant changing of inventory. Between styling the space, the events, the change of seasons and how fast our inventory moves no two days are alike. There is always something exciting happening at F&L!
FAVORITE LINE/PRODUCT WE OFFER AT F&L: It’s too hard to pick just one!! I have sensitive ears so I love our Lovers Tempo earrings. I’m also obsessed with the comfort and style of Toms especially their booties and classic style. I’m also loving the new Quay sunnies especially the JLo collab ones.
IF YOU HAD 30 MINS OF FREE TIME WHAT WOULD WE FIND YOU DOING: I would be sipping on a coffee and scrolling thru Pinterest for decor inspiration and DIY projects.