The Essential V Neck | SHOPFANDL.COM

Want to hear a secret? Wearing a v neck is the best fashion advice anyone could ever give you. It’s universally flattering. They are especially flattering on people with broad shoulders and shorter necks because they expose more of the décolleté, which helps draw the eye up towards the face. If you are pear shaped, the v neck adds more balance to your shape. If you are petite, the v neck will make you look taller.

Classic v necks especially on tees and tanks never go out out of style. But each season you will see designers play around with how plunging the v will be…a deep V can be super sexy on a dress layered with gold necklaces or on knitwear like a sweater paired with a sexy lace bralette. Bralettes and v necks are a perfect pair…the macaroni to the cheese, the peanut butter to the jelly, etc. If you size up a size or two on a v neck cut top or sweater, you can rock a slouchy off the shoulder look with a little bit of your lace bralettes peeping out. It’s a chic, cute and comfy look.

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