No. 01 Estate 8oz Soy Luxury Candle from F+L Home

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The first custom blend from F+L Home Luxury Candle and Home Fragrance Collection. No. 01 Estate is a well balanced blend of masculine and feminine scents inspired by finding your home. Roses climbing on a trellis. Vintage leather bound books. An evening cigar and smokey old fashioned outside on the veranda. Fields of earth. Vast landscape of rolling hills. Wildflowers dappled in sunlight. Freshly cut grass as the sun starts to set.

What is a luxury candle and what makes us different in the home fragrance market? Here is more information about the overall creation, artistry and craftsmanship of our F+L Home luxury candles and home fragrance collection:

•Complex, bespoke blended scents made from multiple pure high quality fragrance oils sourced from around the world and free from impurities like phthalates

•Each product is hand poured and made in small batches the old world artisan way to ensure even distribution of layered scents (top, middle and base notes) and the best hot throw (strength of candle while burning)

•Minimal packaging and cleaner ingredients like 100% domestically grown soy wax and cotton braided wicks for a cleaner burn, slower burn times and products that are overall kinder to the environment and make a healthier home

•High quality containers and packaging including our reusable matte black candle glass, ready to gift black cylindrical boxes and hand printed black and white labels for a chic, modern look that matches any decor

Experience the luxury candle and home fragrance difference with our F+L Home bespoke scent collection.